Intecret's World

We're building a world where you may create your own digital content or interact with existing. Blockchain technology allows representing all digital goods as NFT, thus building a highly unique entertaining universe.


Advanced entertaining system allows you to call pizza or Uber just from the game, watch movie on Netflix with your friends or live stream from your camera to the game.


Intecoin is the tokenized internal currency of Intecret. It covers all in-game financial operations including exchanging between players, buying goods, receiving payments and used as a staking mechanism.

Islands and Property

Intecret world built from an ocean and lands. Players begin with the original island (a home) and be able to save another home location owning their own island or property.


Design Your Own Avatar

Our world is controlled by blockchain making it decentralized and community-friendly. Personality is determined by using Avatars - unique characters created by our powerful editor, all Avatars are owned by their users and permanently exist in the world.

Social Experience in Metaverse

Users can expand the metaverse entertaining system by creating their own activities sharing real world social experience.

  • Netflix or other service to watch with friends
  • Domino's or other food to order and taste in real life
  • Uber or other taxi to get you teleported not only in game
  • 1.
    Concerts for all fans to watch real-time. It сould be live or pre-recorded for any artist in the world
  • 2.
    Charity Events to help funding those in need or to collect funds for helping world become better
  • 3.
    Conferences or any other local or global meetups for people to share knowledge and to discuss in a panel

Savings account (staking) intecoins in in-game bank will generate extra tokens as passive income for player. Staking increases change of getting extra money from a portion of balance.

Burn tokens (intecoins) to increase their value. Burning is done by different internal actions - from general taxes given from people, ending losing tokens in casino.


The Team

Who is the game changer behind the scenes? Experienced team.


Ambitious entrepreneur and highly skilled engineer who was the top in developing core gameplay and AI in open-world games

Stanislav Kryvenko - CEO


The person for creating narrative, gameplay and experience for players making it impactful, powerful and memorable

Danil Zalavskii - CCO


Experienced sound designer who creates amazing sound systems and level design to feel the game from all perspectives

Alexey Anisenko - Sound Director


Lead unity engineer with experience in game and back-end development. Develop smart solutions fast and with passion

Denis Eremkin - Lead Engineer


Professional marketer with a range of experience in product marketing and financial advisor for our project

Egor Romashov - Financial Advisor


The first to prevent chaos inside the game. Merging game design with metaverse concepts is his main focus

Jackson Sotnichenko - Metaverse Designer