We’re an indie development studio, incorporated in the United States in 2022 year. 

Each team member has a wide experience with creative and game development.
We’re passionate about creating unique games combining existing or innovative features.

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Our games

Our debut game for PC and consoles, Forty-Niner – immerses you in a survival adventure set in the Wild West of 1849, blending strategy, role-playing, and sandbox gameplay. Face the challenges of a living, procedurally generated world as a cowboy or Native American, shaping your journey through living AI interactions and dynamic environments alone or with friends.  


Terrasky is a pixel art game made for playing fast in any place and time. The game has its leaderboard system and it will be easy to put your score and be the best! Call your friends and look who is the best in this game!  


VowelA Inc. is a collective of creators from varied backgrounds and perspectives, united by one mission: crafting exceptional games. While we’re not currently expanding our team, we’re always eager to connect with those who share our passion for game development. If you’re interested in joining us on our journey with Forty-Niner and future projects, feel free to reach out at jobs@vowela.com. Your talent and enthusiasm are what shape the future of gaming, and we’d love to hear from you.

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